Intex Osaka (Osaka – Japan)

expostall intex osaka

INTEX Osaka is the largest exhibition venue in the western Japan, and a lot of attractive points not only for its scale. Here is a short introduction about INTEX Osaka that is hosted variety of events. such as a large event using our all 6 exhibition halls. or some small-medium events hosted on same date. The strongest point of INTEX Osaka is its the largest site area in western Japan. Our 6 exhibition halls and Center building are located around 2 public atriums called INTEX Plaza adjoining West Gate and Sky Plaza.10 zone of exhibition halls available from approx. 5,000sqm to 10,000sqm and some of them are usable widely with no pillars.You can select the best venue according to event scale or stage plan.Outside of exhibition halls, conference rooms such as Special Room are available size from small to large and you can select it according to your purpose.Conference rooms are mainly used as seminar, reception, job training, waiting room and space for interaction of guests.Such as the international conference “Saibos 2012 Osaka” or BtoC event “The International Food Expo UTAGE 2017 in Osaka”, we have many actual achievements of various large-scale events used our largest site area in western Japan. Our experienced staff members have in-depth knowledge of event operations accumulated from as many as 3,000 events since operations started in 1985, serving about 100 million visitors without any problems. All of us will extend all-out support to ensure your event is successful.

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