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The largest International Trade Fair and Exhibition Center in Poland and Central Europe, which is located in the suburbs of Warsaw. It has 143,000 m2 of exhibition space in six pavilions and 500,000 m2 of external space, which can be used to organize exhibitions and outdoor events. Hall with a total area for rent (without common areas) 20 535 m2, divided into 3 zones with two soundproof walls – it is possible to conduct 3 independent events simultaneously.aesthetic floor tiled with terracotta tiles.between Halls A and B and B and C there is a special connector in which you can locate a VIP room or catering Depending on the needs of the event, the hall can be lit with daylight (skylights in the roof) or completely darkened. It is possible to hang decoration, lighting or advertising elements to the roof structure. The list of places and load capacity of suspension points is available in the Technical Department.

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